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Who Are We

Trisatya Radhika was established in Dec 2020 as a recruitment agency for overseas assignment. At the initial stage, the company served for various clients ranging from land based company, and cruise line industry. The company has grown rapidly not only to serve more cruise line companies but for other types of land based job opportunities as well.

Our Mission

We strives to provide the best service in accordance with the institution’s vision and mission, namely: providing intensive course and training facilities that can produce quality human resources and bridge and channel those who want to work on cruise ships and on land, both graduates of tourism schools and hospitality and those who are active in hotels and restaurants.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We discover candidates from around Indonesia with specific skills set and knowledge to be shortlisted according to ou available job order.



We define our candidates according to their interest and their working capability.



We help our candidates design their resume and make them attractive for foreign employers. while at the same time provided them with free consultation service.



We develop their skills to match the needs of their future company and further train them to acquire the needed language requirements.



We deploy the candidates according to the job order we receive after shortlisting them according to their interest and skills set.



Lastly we deliver them to their employer ready for action and ready to work.

Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced agency that already has a lot of knowledge in processing and sending both skilled and non-skilled workers abroad and is supported by experienced experts in their fields in helping with all the necessary processes.

We offer multiple destination countries for our candidate to choose from for employment sources. they have various options and all of those options are catered according to their skills and interest

We are always ready to help and assist our clients whenever they needed us. 24×7

We are experienced in dealing with various government agencies and knows the ins and out of documents processing with them

Our support team is what makes us successful so far. they are energetic and relentlessly works to provide the best service to our clients

We are not only providing consultancy service for our clients, but also provide them with guiding assistance from the beginning of the process until the end and always make sure that they are safe guarded until they depart the country towards their country of destination

Our team consist of highly experienced and trained professionals in their fields. All of them are coming from the background of cruise industry and 5 stars hotel from abroad.

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